Ep 6: Liz Burke; A Million Books to Ghanaian Youth

Ep 6: Liz Burke A Million Books to Ghanaian Youth

I found out Liz was gathering books to ship to Ghana via our hospital’s intranet site at Great Ormond Street Hospital years ago. I loved that she was asking for technical and educational books for schools. There’s no secret to my love for reading and how it changed my life, so to me, she’s a super hero to another little girl or boy whose imagination needs to be fed. She is meeting that need.

Liz Burke: CEO of Right 2 Books

I had been in the system and knew how difficult it was to get books that were current and enough to go around in an ever growing school base. She is doing this on her own dime and I found out very admirable and inspirational.

Please have a listen and support as much as you can

Her social media handles are all

Instagram: Right2Books

Thanks for listening and Happy New Year!


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