Chilli Salsa on Pizza

I made a trip early this year into the mountains of Akuapem where a beautiful hotel nestles the side of the mountain, infinity pool and all.

This hotel is called Hillburi which seems to be a merge of the town and the word hill and it does encompass tell the story of how this little gem has grown over the past 10 years.

infinity pool Aburi Hillburi
Infinity Pool Hillburi

I have since had the time to go rest there for a night and the views are beautiful at sunset and in the morning when you open those curtains and the fog’s lifting and it’s so beautiful and so serene.

I however want to bring to you, a culinary experience I never thought I would have; chilli salsa on a margarita pizza. I can hand on heart say, Hillburi has the best pizza in the entirety of Accra and they are based outside Accra. It is definitely worth the trip up the hill.

The pizza base was thin enough for me to devour about 6 slices with a healthy helping of chilli salsa on it. This sort of sasla that goes with traditional Ghanaian cuisine like banku or kenkey, lots of onions and chilli as well as a helping of tomatoes, blended with a pinch of salt.

margerita pizza, chilli salsa
chilli salsa on a pizza

Yes, it is as delicious as it looks and peep the thin crust on that pizza and the toppings were just right and fresh. They do have a lot of other fresh farm to table type meals but for now, this may be the only thing I will order on their menu.




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