Go With The Flow | The Green Fitted Ankara Dress


I have a virtual board for what I would like my ideal closet to look like. This is a Pinterest board (if you are not into Pinterest, please go check it out) and I got the inspiration for this dress from one of the outfits I had saved.

Because I am in Ghana now, I can get clothes made and tailored to my exact fit so that’s how I got a dress made with this gorgeous green print for less than £7. It took a week to get made and I just needed to have the sides taken in a bit after being fitted because I had shrunk a bit.


To debut this piece I decided to do my first photo-shoot in Ghana around the estates on the Bawalashie road which are usually offices so on a Saturday, ‘there ain’t gon be no one out there hollering at me’

I found the necessary pieces and got myself together, teased out my afro and boarded public transport to get there and get my pose on. After 10 minutes of riding and bumping to some local Ghanaian music, we fell into one of the gaping holes which could be used a paddling pool for a baby and then snap, one of the straps tore off leaving me with a one strap situation literally 5 minutes from the shoot site.


What is a girl to do?

My first shoot, it’s 28 degrees out, I am sweating, my make up is not matte anymore and I am having a major wardrobe malfunction. Sis, don’t even ask how I cooled down my rising sense of doom.


I tucked the torn strap into my dress and just like that, I knew what to. We were meeting at Mango and Wheat at East Legon and I had always wanted to try their sandwich and get a proper coffee in Accra. I figured a place that had sandwiches as part of their menu will at least have a nice to cut of the other strap and make it into a bustier. Problem solved. They did me one better, they had a pair of scissors.


A flat white, an amazing chicken sandwich and an hour shoot later, I have some of the best pictures I have ever taken which are being repurposed to do several things for my blog, digital marketing agency and collect all the love on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.


This wardrobe malfunction of a dress landed me on my hometown’s page as a proud example of a dark-skinned curvy beautiful woman. And to think of what it would not have been if I had let that one strap breaking of my dress stop me from doing this shoot.

Go with the flow and get it done. What seems wrong may be what makes the whole situation ten times better.


Until later,




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