Bring Back The Bees with Burt Bees


Let’s start off with a less than happy note, without bees we are all going to die/perish/die of hunger.

These hardworking insects are the reason; fruits, vegetables and other plant forms propagate because the bees carry pollen from flower to flower and plant to plant as they go round harvest nectar to turn into honey which is also amazing. Unfortunately, due to some of our activities, they are dying out and it means we could lose a great deal of produce because there aren’t enough worker bees to do the work.

Burts Bees comes in with a great campaign to #BringBackOurBees with a promise to plant over 5000 bee-friendly wildflowers and plants in association with British Bee Keepers Association to literally save the planet.

To get involved get a set of these amazing stock filler set of three lip balms or any other of their products which are created using responsibly sourced ingredients.


I love how juicy and not sticky my lips feel after application and I am stuck on the pomegranate-infused one which gives my lips a little colour on the go.

Please get involved and get let’s help save the bees before we all just have to eat meat which will not exist because animals won’t be alive because there will be no plants for them to eat because there are no beings to pollinate plants to keep the circle of life going.


On that truthful but dramatic note, I bid you adieu


Until later,




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