Be In Charge of your Mood | Coach Rollerball Perfume

There is a pitter-patter of raindrops again my window on what could have been a sweet Saturday of beach time, cocktails and slightly charred kebabs.

Unfortunately,  I am on lockdown as the rain churns our untarred road into mud and streams of brown liquid. I can not go anyway until it lets down and it’s been going for an hour.

For some, being stuck in a situation which is unplanned is enough to cause them to think it’s all gone down the drain for them. A hiccup, an unseen altercation, horrible weather or gridlock traffic at Tetteh Quarshie is all that sets of a chain reaction of bad moments which morphs into a bad day, a terrible week and makes it seem nothing can go right and it’s a bad life.


Shaking it off is not as easy as it seems, it takes time and self-discipline and a super duper attitude of gratitude to weather whatever life hits you with. With a smile on your face.


There are a few things that drag me back to a cheerful being and that could be a great playlist on Spotify, a great breakfast, a kiss goodbye or an incredible scent discreetly applied.


I have had this roller ball from Coach for a hot second after getting it in my goody bag from Debenhams at their Christmas in July event last year and it’s been an incredible mood booster.

No matter where I am, I can pull it out of my bag’s side pocket and discreetly roll it on my wrists and along my neckline without spritzing everyone around me. It smells amazing with a huge boost of energy with scents of raspberry Turkish roses and finishes off into a musk base. I roll it on before stepping into the office, after lunch and definitely before business meetings, it is just so handy.


What I adore about this is it’s a small tube and a steady roller ball which does not leak perfume anywhere. This is definitely something I will buy or gift to friends anytime.

Hope this helps for moments you feel like yelling at someone in traffic, change your mood with a roll of perfume, get into an amazing playlist and have a little dance party.


Talk to you later,





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