Number 12

Moving to Ghana almost six months ago has been an eye-opener for me even though I had lived here for most of my formative years.

As a working adult aka being in the big bad world; my first experience of paid work had been in London where the lines are clear and systems are in place until a certain point of human interaction may breed prejudice and other societal blocks but that’s a lecture for another day.


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Ghana has progressed slowly towards clear-cut┬ásystems for things considered basic in the Western world and connections and favours have to be granted to facilitate a lot of things around here. The morally upright are then stuck with a dilemma of getting the job done as soon as possible or bending by pushing through with an IOU or a brown envelope. Trying to pay your taxes is a pain which is mind numbing when you are just trying to do the right thing…ask my husband, he can go on for a while about his experience at Ghana Revenue authority.

A friend told me to consider bribes as a fast track fee in the UK, which kind of makes sense but the whole point of my plenty typing is in anticipation of the new expose Number 12 by Anas Aremeyaw Anas of Tiger Eye Private Investigations. There are so many blatantly wrong and corrupt things that go on and this group brings us all an insight into how easy or nonchalant the perpetrators are about this actions. It is everyday life for them and as someone who is re-adapting to the Ghanaian system of things, it could easily be any one of us.

You can go so far without bending to get out of a situation around here and if you don’t check yourself regularly, emotionally, morally and as a patriot of this nation, you could be next in being exposed in over 10 viewings at the Accra International Conference Centre or in abridged in various programmes on BBC Africa which streams to millions of viewers across the globe.

This documentary focused on corruptions within the Ghanaian Sports Industry with a brief clip shared a few weeks ago already leading to the arrest of Kwesi Nyantakyi, the head of the Ghana Football Association over some comments he made about the President.

Out of context, it was jarring to hear but the point of all this hard work by Tiger Eye and Anas may be to awaken us all to these vices and check ourselves so we can build our nation to the heights we can be proud of.

I may brave the crowds and go watch it in person when all the fanfare has died down but for now, I will absorb reactions through all media channels as this is the only thing Ghana is talking about for the past month.


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