Welcome Back Brown Beauty Talk!

Brown Beauty Talk is Back and I am here for it.

Ronke Adeyemi is the editor in chief of Brown Beauty Talk, the only website in the UK which reviews a wide variety of beauty and hair products in the UK, specifically for women of colour.

For a dynamic of the beauty population that slay for the slay and put a lot of money into hair, skin and makeup, the underrepresentation for dark skinned women is unreal and sometimes laughable. Beat for the gawwds is a state of mind we are always in but there are usually at most two to three shades to cover olive, caramel and chocolate to ebony tones. As I said before; laughable.

To prevent you and me from enduring getting shade matched in PAKS cosmetics by an Asian gentleman who does not know his undertones from his colour correctors, Ronke and her team of freelance beauty writers do it all for you via the brownbeautytalk.com

And now they are back after a quick hiatus.


They’ve relaunched their website to give it a blog magazine feel; a blogazine with articles and video content from behind the scenes at launches and meetups where women of colour are doing the work and providing this content to you and I who may be hunting down the latest orange colour corrector that blends perfectly. Their instastories is always the place to find what’s up next on their website and there’s always something freshly reviewed on their website. I dare you to keep up! For women of colour minimalists and beauty junkies in the UK and worldwide, the brown beauty talk website is an indispensable source of beauty information for everyday life.

Every Sunday night, engagement, amazing tips and interesting stories of brown beauty lore are shared and retweeted via the #brownbeautytalk hashtag from 8 pm to 9 pm.  A topic I loved recently was on summer skin and makeup which was an amazing conversation between women of colour talking about getting that healthy summer skin and beautiful face to meet the sun in the UK and abroad.

I will be eternally grateful for this platform as well as the engagement on their sister Instagram @makeupforblackwomenuk, and hope they will steer us always to those that celebrate us and ignore those who well, pretend there are just 3 shades of melanin.

Welcome back Brown Beauty Talk, may you rise in strength and may your over 20,000 followers grow to a million!

Talk to you later,




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