A month after The Artisan Facial

A month after The Artisan Facial

It’s been over a month since I stepped off Kensington High Street into the soothing Anamaya for my first facial with Dija of 3107 London Skincare. This was a year since she launched her skincare range and with 10 years of experience in her facialist fingers.

For a girl who has heard and confirmed with blotting paper and a ‘diamond’ reflection in my selfies that I have oily skin especially in my t-zone, finding out my skin is dry too, was nothing short of a shocking revelation. Like how sway…

But then I realised improper exfoliation techniques, moisturising lazily and lack of adequate water intake can have me fooled and myself to blame. Dead layers of skin sitting there won’t move until you take then off, so next time when your Pixi Glow says it is exfoliating, don’t just swipe and slap on the serum (if you use serum). Please soak the pad in the product and drag it across your face in circular, intentional motions to give the product time to actually exfoliate.

It also applies to when you are wiping off your makeup, you would have to get it off gently but with a firm stroke so that should also apply to exfoliate with a scrub, cleansing with a flannel and with the cotton pad soaked in your favourite toner.

Or else, you will one day look yourself in the mirror after applying your layers of expensive skincare, and makeup and realise, your brows, cheekbones and skin around your nostrils all seem flaky and not on fleek AT ALL.

SPF is essential like Buz Lehman said in his iconic address to a group of graduates. This is irrespective of the amount of melanin or lack of, in your skin. All the farts and carbon footprint is eroding your ozone layer and defunding the EPA won’t change that fact, America #idigress. UVA and UVB and all its cousins are real, so protect your skin. It was hard for a moment for a dark skin girl to get the right formula that won’t have me out here competing with Casper but The Body Shop came through and it was recommended by Dija. I love it y’all, it is now in the queue in my morning routine and I wear it when I am going for my morning runs too. I freaking love it!

This is all to say that go see a great facialist preferably Dija even if you are Deadpool because you will always learn something as your skin changes as you grow. You know she is absolutely legit when she asks you about your diet and hormones and lifestyle and tailors your regimen accordingly. She is absolutely worth it and the facials are now in the budget.

Got any questions, let me know and tell me about any treatment that changed your perception about what you thought to be the truth.

PS: My skin felt tight after the facial as I had peeling done to encourage collagen to be boosted and revive and grow fresh skin. It took a minute (for me a couple of weeks) but its back to normal and I have been going barefaced to work when I want to. I do still have hyperpigmentation but it is and will forever be a gradual process to correct that, if ever.

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