Circles of Ankara | Hubby’s Amazing Gift

Circles of Ankara | Hubby’s Amazing Gift

I wanted this skirt for a hot minute and had contacted the original designer via his Instagram page for a few weeks, cash ready to get myself one, y’know for the wearing and the blog shooting.

But due to what I can’t even decipher, I never got a concrete responseĀ and obviously never got it from the designer. This was until I made my solo trip to Ghana where I made this haul(please subscribe ;)). A mutual friend met me and gave me a package and it was this lovely skirt! My lovely husband had realised my frustration in not acquiring the skirt and had sent my measurements to get it made, for me!

I was the happiest girl in the world!

Now you can enjoy this beauty in these gorgeous shots by Kate of @k.dphoto on Instagram. What do you think of this skirt? Is there something you wanted to buy but never got? Let me know in the comments below

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