Colour on a gloomy London day| Orchids at Kew Gardens

Spring’s in the air and it’s been pouring like a Tim Burton scene. There are many ads on your stride to work and I spotted the most beautiful photo of an orchid and I knew it had to happen.

All I needed were those elegant pops of organic living colour and my cameras. The display of these tropical beauties started from February 5th and ended today on this lovely Sunday with enough sun for these lovely photos.


It might have been all the oxygen exuding from over a million plants on the ground but I was giddy throughout the whole tour. Temperatures were regulated to keep these beauts in their optimal growing environment so it was quite tropical indoors as it pelted down with hail down the glass roofs.


It was so beautiful

I am really looking forward to more outdoorsy events around London instead of scratching the travel itch I have right now.

Do you have any suggestions of where I can go next?

Please let me know int he comments below

Until later,


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