Learning by Omission | Apple Cider Vinegar

I run out of Apple Cider Vinegar a couple of month’s ago and with a two week holiday in the sun(where the soft water and sunshine kept most ills at bay) and the crazy Christmas season after;  I have been off my mojo with regards to hair care.

My scalp has been sore from rubbing around my hair line and after a mini consultation with Eleanor from Fulham Hair and Scalp Clinic, my own thoughts were confirmed. I have another flare up of seborrheic dermatitis. She asked if I was stressed(duh) and did request that I come in for a full consultation and possible treatment.

apple cider vinegar


I have even doing inventory, taking stock and remembered that over the summer, i had a peaceful, sane scalp and that i used to spritz my scalp with apple cider vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio and after I had completed my wash and rinsed out my conditioner, I pour the rest of the from nape to hairline with my head bent over a sink, allowing the acidic rinse to soothe my scalp and bring balance to it.

Our scalp and the sebum its secretes has a pH of about 4.5 and when our scalp is clean and doing it’s best, it produces enough to keep micro bacterial and fungal activity at its lowest. Sometimes, we hear of some new revolutionary growth serum, which can boost hair growth and we don’t properly cleanse our hair and scalp and the new guy/serum doesn’t play nice and things go awry.

The antiseptic properties of Apple Cider Vinegar inhibits the growth of fungus and it’s alpha-hydroxyl acids help remove dead skin cells on the scalp. I will never not use this again. With the cooling and tingling effect of Roots Hair Conditioner from Lush and this ACV rinse, I will reclaim my scalp and sanity the winter season

Further incredible uses for ACV can also be found via this amazing website, just click this link

Have you tried to change a system that worked for your skin and nails? What did you learn?

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  1. March 13, 2017 / 11:32 pm

    ACV surely does wonders for our scalp. I will try to incorporate it into my routine.

    • vestafosu
      March 14, 2017 / 8:54 am

      i love it, even when I dont want to wash my hair in the winter, I dilute it in water and wipe my scalp with it