Structure in My New Hair Cut

When the natural hair wave swept every kinky, coily, curly, nappy haired melanated sphere via the internet and it’s ultimate university YouTube, I stepped out of the regimen of hair manageability called relaxers. I discussed in this post from 2012 OR 2013 when I chopped off all my struggling hair.





I am your typical lazy natural. I deep conditioned first on wash day, shampoo, scalp condition (because my scalp is a diva and it needs extra care), rinse that out, apply another conditioner and then leave it to dry. At 60% dry, I apply a leave-in conditioner and put it away in twists until they dry. That’s it. All the fandangled cornucopia of rod sets and braid outs are lost on me. I cant hack it. That is not how I want to spend my time and I have seen enough waist length and ankle length check of out cotton dense crowns on other humans to know that I can do it when I want to. So now, I need structure.


Structure, other throwing a wig on, which is never big enough when store bought and leads to migraines until I yank it off in relief at the end of the day or a head band. No offences but after high school, a head band on my 30 year old mane feels very unsophisticated and I need all the sophisticated put-togetherness to my outlook and physicality to take on the dreams I am actualising. I cant still be hang up, whether a headband looks good to a prospective client meeting. I can boss up in a head band, and they aren’t even Blair Waldorf cute.

So I got a colour and a haircut.

At ┬áVicUnit’s barbering shop/salon in Wood Green. A tapered full edgy dark blue mane which has been on my brain for the past 2 years. Ladies, gentlemen and AIs, all I wished for 2017 is to do what said I would do.

I got the haircut. I dyed my hair blue black

Until later,




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