Welcome to my Short Hair Journey | Colour, Cut and a Bald Head

A quick perusal of my Instagram feed will
yield zero hair photos in the last 6 months. It is either a texture shot during
wash day or a shot of the products that are making the line-up for the infamous
natural hair wash day.

A whole flipping day dedicated to pre-poo,
massaging our scalps, shampoo, deep condition for 30 minutess with a heat cap
or for  the entire shopping run till late
afternoon deep conditioning on the go and then rinse, maybe a clay wash and an
ACV rinse, y’know to close them cuticles and whatnot and then twist and put it
away. If you know how much you are worth per hour (that’s how I have been getting
out of chasing my tail and outsourcing some tasks) you may have literally spent
up to £150 of your intelligent life, washing your hair strands and then no one
gets to see the work.

If your manager shelves a project you had
spent that amount of time on, you would have hopped on Facebook with a speech
to rival Eli Pope from Scandal.  Girl that is why I am taking a break from ‘growing’ my
hair. It is not enough fun with all my various protective styles, from the
Ghanaian aunties literally snatching my scalp into a Marley twists hair style
and the follow up wig life which is all fabulous but it is time to just enjoy
my hair.


I know, I know, I have hand-in-hair
syndrome but we are not perfect, so from my Pinterest board to my head of hair,
it is time to go fun and grab some bleach and that dark blue colour but first.
It will be purple for the summer, because you know, Prince.

Below are all the colours and shapes I will
be growing through as I go back to a TWA. That’s the goal, darlings, from a big
majestic purple fro to a dark blue tapered cut and then a shaved side forest
green for Spring and on and on until we are back to basic scalp-seeing levels.






Pray for me y’all. Deliver me from my
chicken natural hair ways.  Worship the Lord with me as I faithfully order my steps through this non-introverted quest
to have fun with my follicles.

Care and fun suggestions are welcome on
board and professionals who can make this journey easier too. Please put them
all down below

Welcome to my journey to short hair.


Until later,




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    • July 3, 2016 / 6:54 am

      it's so on, after I take out these braids