Sarsaparilla| Review of Premae MM Foundation


Indie skincare to me feels like a secret club. A sorority where the genius products are created and sent to a select few…and you can definitely join, if you just look out for it.

I first chanced on Premae at the Wonder Woman Event at their Whitely’s London store and it changed my life. Dr Clare Eluka’s story about the journey of her brand was absolutely inspirational and I became a disciple. Just go to¬†and you will be hooked and the deals! Do not get me started on the deals, I have a stash of their harmony serum and I am a minimalist!

So, the foundation. I got a sample of their MM foundation in Sarsaparilla and I popped it in my bag for a trip to Birmingham in February and I just hit pan in May. Do the math.


Commuter makeup squad


It is a cream foundation with mango, jojoba, lavender and rosemary but it has no perfume in it. A little goes a long way and for me that’s frustrating because I want to buy more from her line. It needs a good foundation brush to apply and viola, you are ready to take on the day in a multi-vitamin smoothie of a foundation you can sleep in without a thought.

Here’s my selfie after my first application



6 hours later, without touch up

A mattifying primer will be great in my case, as I have combination oily skin but as you can see, the finish is flawless. I have no concealer on. The shades run from the palest in the shade Tapioca and finishes off in the deep chocolate Sarsaparilla, you see on my skin here

This foundation is clearly a winner and Claire, I am ready for everything else!


Until later,




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