Hello Beautiful | Look fantastic Beauty Box May Edition

Being a minimalist beauty blogger(i’m trying) is as hard as standing in a candy store and saying you are going sugar free. It is as tough as not moisturising your lips first and applying a matte lipstick or hoping your foundation will hold the entire day without a primer. You know better and can do better.

I missed getting these in the mail, boxes of curated pieces, fussed over by a team of experts just to cater to a season or theme or month.  I missed getting beauty boxes! So to tip my toe back into this incredibly diverse world of coloured paper and box fillings, I went back to LookFantastic. I bought their first ever beauty box last September and in the process, nabbed some free GHDS!

Here’s what’s on offer in May 2016’s #lfhellobeautiful beauty box






 There’s a whole lot of skincare love and I am here for all off it! There’s also a Revlon Coconut Oil mask for your hair and a Wet Ones hair brush which should be a beaut to use in the shower. Wash, brush out tangles and step out into the summer heat!

It is nice and terrifying to be back in the sphere of beauty again and hopefully I wouldn’t lose my head down this rabbit hole.

Pray this doesn’t spiral out of control and I would like to know what could lead you down a spiral of your guilty pleasure. Do tell

In this box:
Wet Brush
UNIQ One All in One Hair Treatment 
IOMA Optimum Moisture Cream
REN Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial
Decléor Intense Nutrition Cream 
Vichy Liftactive Moisturiser

Until later,




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