Dublin in 72 hours | Day 1

We arrived late Wednesday to start our Easter weekend of the mister’s birthday celebration. Due to the usual flight issues, we arrived at midnight and slept in. The Best Western Hotel we stayed in was old school, with the usual carpeting and wallpaper but the staff were very helpful and the Irish are a very welcoming and friendly bunch. Coming from London, it was a shock to us but we absolutely loved it.

We rented a car from Sixt Car Rental which made the trip a little easier…we got an upgrade and it was definitely a sweet ride in and out of Dublin city. Parking charges range from as low as €1 an hour at the Botanical Gardens and €4 an hour just off Dame Street, usually capped at €15 for the whole day.

tasting the range Guinness has to offer


Pouring the perfect pint

Our first tourist stop was the Guinness Storehouse. We had prebooked the Connoisseur Experience and it was totally worth every penny!

Darren was a delight!



We sampled the varieties of Guinness with the Draught beer being the first, then the Guinness Original which is served in the Western hemisphere and the Foreign Extra Stout and the Dublin Porter which is a retro formula formulated by Arthur Guinness himself.


A word of caution would be to have a good meal before your session! 4 half pints of Guinness on an empty tummy makes a very fun Vesta!

The views were incredible and the experience is highly recommended.

Follow the blog to check out what else to do in Dublin and what we got up to. Vikings and Castles abound.

Until later,


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