3107 London Artisan Skincare Launch

Heart, Soul and My Everything.


When you create something to fulfil a need so delicate…like troubled skin, when you have touched enough to soothe and make skin better as a renowned facialist, you know it’s going to be like the breakfast scene from Matilda when everything just falls in place when she waves her arms.

With uplifting notes of lemon grass and geranium, use the deliciously textured melting balm as a luxe makeup remover after a typical maddening day. Slather on, relax and inhale as you wipe off the day and calmly embrace an unwinding evening. ¬†You could also massage it into freshly cleansed skin and sink into a hot bath, allowing the steam to waft over you and try not to fall asleep in the bath ;). This is definitely going to become a ritual for life. The facial oil is just beautiful, light and slightly fragranced, it was borne out of Dija’s personal need to soothe her own skin, which was sore, hot and needed TLC from the harsh winter winds. A couple of drops via the applicator dropper and just massage it into freshly cleansed and toned skin, morning or evening or both.

3107 represents birthdays of the 3 generations of Dija, her mum and daughter and with such beautiful hand blended products and a few more to expand the range of this organic artisan skincare range, it is expectant to say we will be seeing 3107 London in the most decadent and beautifully handpicked places, for many more generations to come.

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