New Year’s Eve Chilled Outfit | OOTD

And so it begins, after 3 years of blogging, I put my shoe forward and inhale the world of fashion blogging. I always shop in anticipation of a few fashion posts but season after season, I talk myself out of it.

But here we are, with a date night outfit. This lovely emerald green strappy top from Joy and this shimmering black number from Next from ages ago. Shoes are Next too and just a little Ruby Woo and we’re off to usher in the highly anticipated 2016. I have never been as scared and sure to start a new year. Hope you are as giddy with excitement to scream….Happy New Year!!!

What are your plans? Anything fun or life changing? Do tell and stay tuned for more of me playing dress up and travelling this year! It is going to be epic!

Until later,




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