ORS Hair Care is Stepping Up The Game!

When you mention ORS previous known as Organic Root Stimulator, the first thought of many who have tried their products would be the Hair Mayonnaise of Neutralising Shampoo and the Olive Oil Formulas.

Shealicious ‘Yoghurt Pots’

But Natural Hair is here to stay and with the conscious care being taken by all with regards to the organic/natural/wholesome quotient amidst the gunk that were mineral oils and silicones(even though we are all better educated about why these are part of products and aren’t necessarily bad), ORS has been cooking up everything we may need for our new found addictions to hair care tailored to our kinks, curls, coils and frizz.

There’s an Oil Range, Curls Unleashed and Monoi Range in addition to the Olive Oil range with products fro frizz, edges, dryness, volume, and every hair care issue you may have.

Watch out for the goodness from ORS.

They are about to change the fame

Until later,




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