Monsoon’s First Fragrance | Rose Gold

Monsoon is one of my favourite fashion retailers on the UK high street for beautiful, modern and feminine clothing. I bought my wedding dress from there, a beautiful halter-neck with a beaded neckline which was simple yet very elegant. Even my hair accessories were  purchased there. I love Monsoon for those special occasions where you need to be dressed up beautiful but with elegant sophistication.

Rose Gold is the new eau de parfum from Monsoon and it is as the brand is modern, feminine and beautiful. Created by one of the best noses and renowned perfumer in the business, Christian Provenzano working with Fragrance and Beauty Creations Limited, this perfume has citrusy top notes with a decadent floral rosy heart notes and finishes of woody tones of musk and vanilla.

I picture this as an early spring summer fragrance and I can’t wait to spritz this on. It will be so beautiful on skin in the sun.

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