I have no idea what to do

I am good at a few things. They
are all not in the same field but I am quite handy with several things. I am
almost thirty and the Western major freak out about turning the dirty thirty is
now part of my system. So I am wondering what the hell I am doing with my life.

That’s what happens when you’ve
had more wine and cheese instead of kelewele and pure water, in the past 5
years. You become very British in all your extra-ness. No one in Ghana cares
that you are 30. They want to see what you have accomplished, your home and
babies but people don’t really care how all you are. Unless you are a woman,
without a man, and a ring and that’s when the bs you don’t require is given
freely and their crusty nephews are pulled out of Sleepy Hollow and American
Horror story to say what’s up. Some may be from Empire or the new Canadian
Prime Minister’s family gene pool. But aint nobody asked you, boo boo. Keep ‘um
(unless he is Lance Gross/Jesse Williams/Justin Trudeau). Thanks.

I am great administrator but I
have always love to write. My muse is petulant but fluent with a swag-like
flow, hence how I write. I have always sketched out what I want to wear with
specific details but in a classy elegant kind vibe but very African, so I am birthing
a brand from that. I also love simple elegant jewellery, so I want to create a
line of simple beautiful pieces. I am inquisitive and scientific about
components of what I eat and put on my personal person, so I am a bit of a
mixtress. I have been making my own body butters since 1999 (ok 2011). You
learn to do a lot when you are skint. The tools for a lot that I want to do are
within reach, if I wade in the water but my bed warmer and comfy socks are
keeping my toasty in my micro double bedroom and I infuriate myself. Like what
am I afraid of? Really?

I am inching towards stuff,
asking questions and collecting data but I need to start doing stuff. Actually
I have, but I don’t want to get frustrated but craftsmen who I am paying and
are working as slow as Donald trump’s hair follicles. It sometimes seems like I
am already hitting hurdles and I haven’t even begun. Like why are you already
smiting me? (blame the wine and wine and cheese for my first world tantrums and

I am just moaning about stuff so
I am off to yell at some seamstress, ask my entrepreneur friends how get a team
of tailors and seamstress together and collect more inspiration from Tumblr.

Until later,




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  1. November 22, 2015 / 7:36 pm

    I totally hear where your coming from. My passion has never been to work for a company, thats why Ive struggled to find a full-time "professional" job after I graduted. But I think its my fear of the path less traveled that has been holding me back. Ive been watching TED talks I find it really inspiring. You might find it helpful too http://www.ted.com/playlists/220/7_talks_to_help_you_find_the_r

    • November 27, 2015 / 8:12 pm

      Thanks Nia, I will watch the video. I don't find the corporate ladder one I want to climb but it is a means to an end