Going Sugar Free

I have been away in Ghana, West
Africa for 2 weeks and currently in recovery. No, I am technically not unwell, it is just
that after not going ‘home’ for almost 5 years and the simple diet I was on, my
palate is in shock.

There is sugar in everything
here. My husband gets mouth ulcers from eating sugar i.e. jams and anything
that has white saccharine granules/cubes swirled into it. I used to laugh. Now
I feel awful. My throat is off and my taste buds are in shock. How are we doing

I just can’t do this, only 60%
dark chocolate is the level of sweetness I am able to tolerate right now. So
it’s all gone folks, the strawberry jam on my toast onion bagel and my super
sweet cup of Earl Grey with copious amounts of evaporated milk ruined me for an
entire day.

Reading up on sugar and the
little hoopla the department of health is making against it, I realised it is
something we have known but ignored as we guzzle 10 cubes of sugar per
refreshing caffeinated cola drinks. I used to drink the 1.5 litre bottle a day
in university. Urgh! How could I have done this to myself? My mum is diabetic
so I have been low-key not buying white sugar but I have lotsa honey and brown
sugar, from Demerara to soft brown to blue agave nectar. I have these on lock
in my pantry. Our bodies need 6 teaspoons (100 calories) to 9 teaspoons (150
calories) but before you start scooping it into your tea be aware that sugar
comes from all sorts of foods such as fruit, rice, bread and pasta which are
broken down into the basic form, i.e. sugar. So babe, put the spoon down and

I am shockingly enjoying, my
coffee black because once the milk goes in, then the caramels and hazelnut
flavoured syrups need to join that party and it is all yumtastic and spike your
insulin and the unused percentage goes straight to the boobs(yay), thighs(hey
Serena) but if they aren’t sculpted say hello to lumps and cellulite.

So, here is to my first sugar free
breakfast, fruit and Greek yoghurt with nuts. Even my granola has to go, sucks
absolutely. But prevention, folks, is better that cure.

Until later,




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