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I should be going through my last mince pie right about now.
3rd week in November and sipping my tea, sugar free because I knew
that the mince pie was just too sweet and my colleague don’t need to see me
like Alvin and the Chipmunks after a triple espresso with a shot of chocolate
and caramel. I get hype.


For every 100 grams of a mince pie, there is 28 grams of
sugar. That is technically 70% of your required sugar intake; right from that
juicy, slightly tart short all butter encrusted pie which is just absolutely
delicious and wicked at the same time. Do you realise that the nutrition facts
clearly states how much of every other macro and micro nutrient percentage you
have derived from the food but omits the percentage of sugar. This is clearly
not a conspiracy 😉

As a reminder of how far away I should stay away from soda
and fizzy drinks, I found this picture which you can print out for future
guidance. I used to be a Coca Cola addict. I couldn’t focus in my 8.00am
lectures if I hadn’t gulped an ice cold sweaty bottle of the stuff. The simple
sweetness meshing with the harsh carbonated sting as the caffeine filled my
empty bowels, woke me up like an electric shock. In 25-20 degree heat of
Kumasi, aint nobody got time for a steaming cup of coffee. Too hot for that.

I am hoping that as I reset my body with greens and legumes,
plus legal proteins, my body wont punish me in the future for all those sugar
cubes as inhaled. Fingers crossed. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Watch that

Until later,




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