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The first thing that goes onto my naked skin is perfume.




A spritz of bottled dreamy, provocative and mood boosting gorgeousness is absolutely essential for an introvert like me. I need to switch my moods on. There’s a system to how I join humanity everyday and interact like I am not absolutely weird. Perfume helps, a whole lot.

I have always wanted a collection albeit in a minimalist way, you-know-what-I am-saying!  I want them but not in a decadent photoshoot strewn everywhere, lying on polished silver kinda way. My limit was five, I have 3. Result.

So let’s start with the one that just makes me want to urgh with my Ruby Woo on and my eyeliner even on both lids. Let’s just throw in some Eylure Dramatic lashes and a strappy emerald velvety midi form fitting dress and my favourite bow shoes. Your skin has to be exfoliated and glistening with some bronzer and at this point, bedhead afro would cut it.



This is how Flower Bomb by Victor & Rolf makes me feel. This is what I would do. Every single time and definitely play Partition by the Queen B, whilst dressing up. The sexy floral notes are freaking decadent and addictive. Aint nothing like it, bruh, aint nothing in the world!


Moving on to an interesting find, by the girl who was born in 1989. I am not an absolute Swifty and the campaign for this perfume wasn’t incredible but Incredible Things by Taylor Swift is now firmly in my only three.


The bottle is simple, designed to look like an art explosion(watercolour) are a joy to look at. Not couture like The Flower Bomb but it’s cool. It just make me happy. There’s a bit of musk, woody and fruity all up in there and it works. The base of vanilla though, it is a cheap but selected new favourite of mine. I smell tested this for three weeks!

Now to a spring summer fresh favourite. Hands up if you have something from Marc Jacobs.


 I picked up Daisy Eau So Fresh in Heathrow Duty Free on my way to get married. The 125ml bottle. It literally changed my life. Floral and fruity with jasmine, grapefruit, rose and apple blossom amongst other notes, this is what I would buy the litre. It is just a beautiful uplifting but light fragrance. For the maxi dress, white tees, shorts and sandals kinda day. Or for when you are walking down the aisle to say I do and you need that little sweetness in a cool summer breeze. Perfection

What are your favourite perfumes and what is in your collection? Let me know in the comments, I need two more…

Until later,




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  1. August 3, 2015 / 4:23 am

    i love floral perfumes a lot though not too good for my nose as perfumes make me sneeze a lot! I look forward to trying these. Where is the Victor & Rolf sold at?

    • August 3, 2015 / 8:29 am

      Selfridges and The Perfume shop but if you're going through Duty Free, it's a steal. What are your favourite perfumes?