Count them, one by one…

Sometimes it seems you are making no headway in life. And then July the 1st happens! I have been MIA on the blogging and social media front and seeing people put up content ‘happiness’ and luxury makes me think I am not doing much, nothing is going on in my life.

But then I wake up and count. From the view at my window,  the kisses that rouse me from slumber and my feet on the ground.The choice and freedom to eliminate choice is humbling.

My favourite photo from Rome

My quest for minimalism is still steady. And I have bought a ticket for a trip which will set one of my dreams rolling. I am grateful that I have the ability to even try

The Coquine Series

This year I have had the opportunity to travel, to be a part of Keziah Connections and recently be selected for a professional photoshoot for the Coquine Series. Actually, I may have been doing some things right 🙂

My feature

It is the first of July and the ideas and zeal is back. Halfway through the year and I am all about the slow and steady. There is so much crazy in this world and I will stay in bubble and guard it with my life. As I expand it to include the amazing but scary scope of my dreams, I will keep counting my blessings and always and forever will be, grateful for the life I live now

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