Buying Sadness

Last week, I watched Disney’s newest movie, Inside Out and I totally loved the character, Sadness. I resonated with her personality because I have a Choleric/Melancholic ┬átemperament. I would rather slump under the duvet, tinker about all day with a mellow Spotify playlist, than dress up and go out to hang… with humanity.


I am not a sad person or pessimistic per say but I am fine with bouts of quiet and reflective days, weeks or months. Like Sadness, there are days you may need me and may have to drag me by a foot to get me to come along.

The other characters were Joy, Anger, Fear and Disgust and everyone has a bit of all that within amongst other traits that could influence our moods and character.

I love Sadness more than I did Joy, perfection and upbeatness can be exhausting so a little down time allows us to appreciate the great times, the happy ones and times of absolute joy.

Brocolli ROCKS!

Until later,




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