A Meal for One at Thai Thai East

Being early to an event was part of my new year’s resolutions. I know it’s April and you may have forgotten yours but I believe what goes around comes around and I was an hour early to an event in Hoxton and stopped by Thai Thai East in Old Street for an early dinner.

I was promptly seated and for a starter, I went for a soft crab with sweet chilli source. My choice of drink which was a young coconut drink had actual bits of coconut flesh. It was slightly annoying to suck this through the straw but the drink was deliciously refreshing.

My main course consisted of a mouth-watering huge plate of baked fresh fish(you could taste it, mmm)  and curry with fresh salad,with a side of steamed jasmine rice. The meal was creamy, fragrant and even with my taking it down in small portions, I just wasn’t able to resist chowing it all down. Impressively, though this was spicy, the salt was very low in the curry, which I absolutely loved as sometimes delicious meals are ruined by enthusiastic salters. It is always better to have room to add rather than not being able to eat the meal in entirety

Stuffed doesn’t cut how I felt after this meal. I am happy that I had to walk a couple of miles to my destination to stretch it out. 

It is definitely a restaurant to lunch at with friends on a late summer’s day post shopping. Though it is right on a busy street, the ambience was very zen and the decor was very eastern, a bit opulent. I settled my bill of about £34 and was on my merry  way, full and happy my money was well spent.

Let’s do lunch sometime…

Until later,




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