Review | Scalp &Skin Vibrations: Foreo Mini & Vitagoods Scalp Massager

Pulsing, vibrating pieces of design, created to wake up our scalp and skin. That’s basically the summary of what these two achieve, at least for me.

The Foreo Luna Mini was a gift I didn’t know I had. As VIP at Africa Fashion Week London last year,  I stashed my bag of goodies away until this Christmas. That’s when I spotted this little gem cost up to a £100! I dusted it off and as winter turns our skin dry and ashy, this is a good wake-up call in the wee hours of the morning. It’s a sensitive skin’s bestie as it is very gentle.  It is beautifully designed and feels great to handle and the edge of the semi-circle seems to be measured for that awkward corner of the nose. As mentioned, it’s gentle so it may not be very exfoliating enough,  but this is a keeper!

Now onto the sleep inducer. This scalp massager was an absolute impulse buy. I saw massage and 30% off and I think my alter ego went straight to PayPal. I totally didn’t know I had purchased it until I got the delivery note, lol. I love love love this. You know that feeling when you are in the hair salon and getting a wash and the stylist is washing your hair and makes you roll your eyes and try not to fall asleep from being just happy for the pressure. ..yup,  this does exactly that for me.  As a girl with natural hair, it may cause tangling but that can be prevented by sectioning it into twists. This is all about stimulating your scalp, to increase blood flow (for those who put cayenne pepper in your hair oils, you can stop now) and increase hair growth plus exfoliate your scalp.

The pointy blunt teeth are just placed on your scalp and the switch pressed and just move it around a little. Fin.

These are now the gadgetry that have replaced my fingertips for face and scalp massages. Do you have any cool gadgets?  What are they and what do they do for you?

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