Faking it | Would you dare?

Banshee. White Collar. Suits

The tale of the confident, conman who is doing what took others years to train for and believe they can. No shade, they may have used unconventional ways to achieve what they do but are we been told the old ways of 9-5 and years of academic education is not the only way. Is this some sort of programming? (conspiracy theories, lol)

Different levels of yumminess Source abc

Sure, Neil Caffery has had years of studying the arts and learning how to command presence and confidence which may take me years to achieve. Mike Ross is a hard drive of information which he processes with such skill that brings financial gain but moral and ethical problems to Pearson, Spector( Litt, maybe) and The Fake Sheriff from Banshee,  well, I wonder what he is doing but I am just on Season 1 episode 4.

The premise of having the imposter syndrome has seemingly evolved in the past couple of years and now it all about how good you can be and hopefully not get caught. Or how your great skills may grant immunity from a society that always wants you to go by the book and the letter of the law.

These examples on TV may be extreme but I bet people are taking the mick across parts of the world and justifying it with the productivity and goodwill

What do you think? Would you fake a whole career and life? Would you dare?

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