The New Guard | Pixi Glow Tonic

There’s no way, I could have escaped this. A year of beauty boxes and constantly prowling through blogs upon blogs and I have began to to give a  sh#t about my skin.

Now that’s it is autumn, I anticipate flaky residue in the eyebrow area and peek-a-boo black and white heads on my cheeks. So, here we are, with the acclaimed Pixi Glow tonic. Only found online and in Liberty London store, this eye-catching potion is as scarce and wondrous in it claim to , well make your skin glow after constant use, no miracles here…yet.

I am obviously late to this party but skin care gurus approve this glowing liquid and I am going to give it a whirl. Dull skin and shiny t-zones go hand in hand, at a time when cold winds put my skin on defense so let see if this does what it says on the tin/bottle.

Now, it is time to find a great cleanser? Wish me luck

Until later,


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