Pure from Waitrose

I’m writing this post mid-scrub. Yes, you guessed right. I have bits of salt and coconut oil all over my face and no it’s not part of my dinner and I haven’t been in a food fight. Ever.

Before the autumn winds swept in, I impulsively bought products from the Pure range in the ‘Trose as we commoners call it. I have been using them among my other beauty bits and I am shocked I hadn’t spotted these earlier.

The aforementioned scrub, made of coconut oil and salt plus a few more simple ingredients, is the only way I take off makeup these days. It has fine granules that are the right edge of gritty for me and the oil, well you know all about the wonders of coconut oil, don’t you, dahhling (click here for details of this multitasker). A few moments of getting it in and the scrub/oil melts into my make up and a hot flannel wipes it all off. Like an hot oil cleanse 2.0, if you may.

The gel cleanser is on its last legs and I favour gel cleansers due to my oily skin. The eye makeup remover is not wondrous but it does what it says on the tin. The wipes wipe and the face balm is honestly the one thing I haven’t tried much. Its time may come or I may pass it on.

In summary, this is a range that’s always welcome in my beauty stash. Oh and did I mention,  they were £1.99 each?

I sincerely apologise, I thought you knew that.

Until later,


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  1. December 17, 2014 / 3:41 am

    hahahaa Dont mind,,,I was lough coz u post this at mid scrub.Nice products….. visit Beauty Bits