PhytoSpecific Changes How We ‘Type’ Our Hair

A couple of nights ago, the haircare powerhouse PhytoSpecific Paris invited a few bloggers out to view their newly launched range and I got in. 

PhytoSpecific are amongst the brands I hope to chance upon at a discounted price when I pop into TKMaxx, so to be invited to have a first look at their new range was quite a big deal…to me

The creme of the bunch

Bloggers get a whiff of the line

The range changed how we usually type hair i.e. the Type 1-4C was simplified into a Type 1 for a looser curl, Type 2 for the kinkier coiler moisture-fiend types like my mane and Type 3 for the sisters who like their hair permanently laid either relaxed and just straightened on the regular.  I am very pleased with the range because they do not overwhelm you when you open a pot. I do not mind the sweet smelling ranges that exist in the natural hair wishlists but for someone who is prone to migraines, this is a welcome mild-smelling range.

For performance, what I am keen on trying is the Phytotraxil with Anageline 10% + Darutoside to combat thinning of the edges due to traction alopecia. This is very relevant for me as I am currently protective styling through braids and the hair stylist usually ignore my whinging when they get to my edges. I currently fear the worst and may let my hairline breath as I wig it out for the rest of the autumn/winter. More on that later…

I am quite chuffed too to get the Baobab oil which is the new biggie in the oil clan to hit the beauty scene and this can be used as a pre treatment, think hot oil treatment and also post wash to seal in the moisture, The third gem is a night treatment for the hair. This will work nicely in my new hair regimen.

The new system for the new range

Scalp Cam revealed more good than bad, we all have good hair

The beautiful Rachy Sealy of UK Naturals

The range is obviously complete with shampoos and conditioners and for a pro service with the range, Errol Douglas and Afro Therapy are the places to go.

I will definitely update you all on how my hairline and general hair health fares with this range. Lord know, winter is not a curly girl’s bestie

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