Always Read the Label

It’s no news that most people especially me are trying to go down the path of healthy eating and lifestyle. Contrary to the surge of time bound programmes and superfood diets, a lifetime of nurturing and eating what you do now (which may be bad, toxic or excessive) will not be erased by the quick diets that may last 6 weeks or the bands that are cutting off your circulation.

It will take time.

You’re reprogramming , enhancing and tweaking years of habit and probably your culture, in relation to food and lifestyle.

Most foods are as delicious as they’re empty, totally wrung off their nutrients due to their excessive processing to generate that taste and feel that hits the spot (I’m talking to you fried chicken!), so to supplement these empty calories or macronutrient foods,  we go to places such as Whole Foods and Holland &Barrett (if you know any other places in London, let me know) hoping to grab the curated few that will help us eat better.

This long intro brings us to why we’re here.

Always read the label, mate. 

I currently replace sugar with honey or dried fruit in my porridge and smoothies. I went into one of the above shops to grab a bag of dried cranberries.  I turned it over and behold. There’s more added sugar than there is cranberries in A BAG OF DRIED CRANBERRIES.

I know, I know, it said sugar infused cranberries,  so what’s the dealio? I know agents like salt and sugar are needed to reduce moisture content which prevents microbial growth and extend the life of products.  But fruit is normally sweet and drying it and my osmosis lessons tell me, the sugar will be high anyway without adding 59%!

Did you just say ‘Do it yourself’ and ‘you wouldn’t even eat that much per serving’ and blah de blah blah. BLAH.

Cmon, do you think 59% is acceptable? What other foods caught you out?  Please share.

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