My New Girlfriend called Spin

On Tuesday, my deal with Cyclebeat ended and I must say, it’s was pretty inspiring. I am going to sign up to a regular gym close to work and add some yoga and Pilates to the mix.

For now, let me holla at you right quick about my girl called Spin. She is the kind of friend who you love to hate. She brings out the beast in you, makes you do things you wouldn’t dare do and thought you could but eventually go through because you know she’s right.

I promise, that’s not my lucky number!

‘Yes, you can’ is her motto and with sick thumping beats and uphill cycle climb with resistance set at riding through a mud bath, you wonder why you still hang out with her..

In the end, as you dismount that bike with wobbly legs and the lights come on, you know she means well and you plan your next date with her

I’m off to soak my sore hiney!

Until the next spin class,


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