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In honor of the three covers released by Essence Magazine May Beauty Edition, in which  Solange, Erykah and Ledisi talk about what beauty means to them , I would love to share with you natural hair photos from social media of women whose style and journey have been highly influential and so authentic such that we, who once shunned the kinks embrace it fearlessly and permitting us to embrace our own beauty

Aevin Dugas holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest Afro. Fin

Chime Edwards hair is just drool-worthy(grabs tissue)

Yup, that her real hair, Cipriana Quann one of the dope duo who run the blog Urban bushbabes (soon, my hair will that awesome and full)

Where do I start with Franchesca, well her locs are the bomb.com and she is very funny and just amazing

Taren Guy is fearless with colour and rocks her hair full and bouncy, will be seeing her at the Curlvolution event next month

Ariel Sansaricq of the cool blog, Faintly Masculine rocks this tapered cut beautifully. Did I say she was super cool?

Riley is the sweetest toddler naturalista you would ever see, her wash and go tutorial made it to Essense online

If this doesn’t inspire you to rock what  grows out of your scalp, then well, you’ve got options honey!

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