Tunes on replay: Feelin myself

I can’t help it guys, had to star
this tune on Spotify and write it up. It’s one of them tunes that you want to
know lyric for lyric, like there’s dorm room competition at midnight and you
get your room-mates box of chocolates for winning.

This tune is laid with beats that
you want to bob and boogie to. If you are lucky and have escaped Miley’s
incessantly trying to show us her fanny and twerk, you can truly appreciate her
work as Mr joins her, giving us his usual dope play on words. French
Montana and Wiz Khalifa are on this track too, rapping along

In this tune, I learnt that
giving IQ means giving head and there
is a chorus repeating positive affirmations albeit sounding stank actually
re-enact the tale of Snow White where the Mirror Mirror on the wall in urban
style repeats the kind words. It plays like this

Look up in the mirror

And the mirror look at me

The mirror be like baby you the

God dammit you the shit

You the shit, you the shit

God dammit you the shit

God dammit you the shit

You the shit, you the shit

Obviously, it’s a song about  being popular and getting ready for a night
out on the town,

I be everywhere, everybody know

Super, super fresh, what a dope

Hunny on my wrist, couple karats
on my neck

Givenchy, keep the chickens in

 Discussing their wardrobe selections, the
company they keep and the reactions of people to their fame and their diagnosis
of the mood of the crowd

Now everybody trippin’ like they
poppin’ molly

Like 99% of urban/pop songs, the
more you digest it, the less inspiring it sounds. I am just going to bounce to
this, until the next forgettable tune comes along. I need to find my sister
though, hope she agrees to twerk with me. Please Nana, we will be so cool. Hahaha

Guess who is older?

Until later,

Goddamit you the ish,



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