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A couple of weeks ago, Afronoire invited us to hang out, discuss cool stuff and hang out with inspiring people, yknow, link up! The Afronoire Space is very cool and I was very pleased to network with up and coming brands and discuss entrepreneurship and goals.

The Sapelle Display

Paula of Superfoodlx

 Miss Deborah Marie, looked pretty cool and afro-boho with her head wrap and I got  to meet Ayoki (you have spotted her on the Woman in the Jungle ads) and the uber talented Rissa who has more than a few ventures under her belt. Editors, web and app developers, luxe cosmetics brands and designers such as Sapelle and Gitas Portal(I want her coats- check out her etsy store) were all very friendly and very inspiring. These networking events make me believe in the power and possibility of my dreams

Sorry, i was talking so much 🙂 #fuzzypix

And as Miss Lupita Ny’ongo said,

‘No matter where you are from, remember that your dreams are valid’

Hope we do this again

Until the next hook up,


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