Sup, Vee?!

I’ve been lost in my own world lately, struggling with some uni modules, covering colleagues at work plus all ma home ting! I wonder how I’ve been able to read 3 books already this year, like how did I find the time, for real.

a. new eatery near work b. selfie c. cool weird art d. the old dutch  e.swan lake f.his & hers kicks g.latte

I’m part of the clan at now, (I hear you, another blog, girl u cray cray). I’m loving pushing myself and seeing how much I can do, on the weekends I switch off…a little.  A little being, trying to win the most movies watched competition with one of the consultants at work. It’s a win win win, because I can enjoy some downtime, indulging the cinema experience,  review movies for and obviously win! I’ve seen 5 movies so far this year, time to step up my game!

This year I planned to make more huggable, touchable I-can-call-you-for-a-laugh human friends. It’s all well and good rushing home for cuddles and kisses but it would be refreshing and just awesome to hang with other human beings other than my hubby,  ijs

So I had a list of extra to-do for a fulfilled life that I’m ticking off slowly. I finished my swimming lessons last night!  For a girl who hyperventilated on her first lesson and was left at the shallow end to blow bubbles, I can confidently say I can float and comfortable in the water after five 30 minute lessons in a group! Woohoo, Michael Phelps,  watch out, not, lol

Next on my list are sewing lessons,  street and contemporary dance  lessons, a few tattoos and travel amongst other things.

Hopefully, I won’t get lost in having so much fun and remember to share on here

What are you up to this year? 

Do it all now, please, a mentor died early this year and left me crying in the streets, literally. A post dedicated to this man would be up when I can think of him and not break down into tears

Until later,


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