I want to run- The final piece of my kit

It’s been a while since I harped on about my quest to run, I’ve been collecting and perfecting the kit as every beginner runner needs to get off to a great start. I know most running tips just asks you to go ahead and walk and then run.

I am already an avid walker, during the past Tube Strike, I walked from Liverpool Street to Holborn, fresh and ready to work. In previous posts, I indicated knee pain and on a visit to my GP, she advised me to get proper foot wear if I could and with a little skimming here and there, I walked into Run and Become on Palmer Street in Victoria.

Here is the fun part, upon entry, I was seen by one of the lovely athletic representatives and I did a couple of squats, run in front of their shop and I was told like a high percentage of the human population, I overpronate. This simply means my feet turn inward when I run or walk, increasing the pressure on the inner sole. This simply means I needed foot wear that was engineered to provide extra support.

I tried about a dozen shoes
The team are pretty hands-on

It was a battle between Nike & New Balance

The only way to settle this battle, run in both at the same time

Which Shoe Won?

Stay Tuned

Until later,




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