'And The Butchery Begins'

Frank Underwood.

Kevin Spacey starring in the Americanised version of a British Classic where morality doesn’t exist, in his calculated and manipulative rise to political power. The reason I have taken the day off tomorrow to indulge in this most bad-ass kiss-my-derriere, i-will-cut-you-down-to-get-what-want series ever! As a Netflix Original and considering I haven’t seen the British version yet, there’s not much I can tell you

And, yes I took the day off. 

Most of my colleagues think it is to indulge in some girlie Valentine’s day pamper session but you will find me hobbled up in front off my computer polishing off Season 2 of House of Cards. Season One is available now on Netflix.

This trailer should get your heart racing, so you understand why I needed an entire fucking day! The first time I chanced upon Season One, I was up all night and snoozing at my desk the following day, trying to watch episodes on my phone. 

This time. I am ready. I am off to get some supplies for my camp-in tomorrow. The battle plans have been drawn and bathroom breaks have been plotted to military efficiency.

Don’t call me unless it’s an emergency. Aint nobody got time, for that!

Until later,


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