The Cara Delevingne Effect

As a teenager I had the classic now-on-trend full eyebrows. And then, one day in my second year of university, I walked into a hair salon and so begins the constant change in expression over the past several years. I have had these bushy ones threaded, shaved but never waxed, then one day I bought a tweezer and pledged never to allow anyone to administer pain to me and get paid. No way Jose’, no mo’

Then along came Cara Delevingne, and she touched my hand, took away my tweezers and whispered, ‘don’t do your brows for three months and join my exclusive fullbrows-are-the-new-cool club’. Daunting, I know, so my curly, frizzy wig has not only been helping me grow my hair over the past few weeks, but hiding the stubbly, wild brows.

 Elle magazine sent me the Sexy Eye and Brow Makeover kit, worth £28.50  (free for subscribing for a year, £15!) and then I knew it was a sign. To give my brows a ship-shape makeover, which was well overdue!

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