No Spend January- So Blue It’s Black

It’s been a week, since my scalp was snatched, literally into the most amazing twists ever. Don’t get me wrong, I have only in the past few days been able to move the twists without wincing and lay on my pillow peacefully. I am one of those chicks with post-braid scalps who don’t realise how tight the scalp is until the entire process is done but anyway….

These are my twists, small and neat with some blue in the back. Next time, I will use blue only as the colour is not that intense. I got the extensions from this site

Usually, I am one for just letting my twists/braids hang, getting it caught in scarves, doors and bag straps or a bun for  showers/baths  but this time I am up for a styling challenge. Below are a few divas show you how… hope you get inspired

Are you also protective styling? What have you got and why did you choose that style?

Let me know in the comments below

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