I want to run: After the storm

It’s Christmas eve and I have been up since 5.00 am. As I lay there passing time, looking at new hairstyles to rock for 2014, I figured I could squeeze in a few minutes of run before work.

It is 7.00 and I’m back. Nike+ says I did 0.66 miles in 12 minutes but i always forget to turn on the app till I am halfway through a run. Anyway, let’s make it a mile in 20 minutes shall we, :).

My left knee is still aching and I do not want to ‘medicalise’ and quit so I may need to see someone, sooner than later. My room always feels really stuffy and messy after I came back form the fresh outdoors with the birds chirping happily.

I feel really sleepy at the moment but I don’t want to be late for work, so

Until my next run,
Lots of love,


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