Will Make-Up make me dumb?

As a certified biology grad and
MSc. Seeker, this question occurs to me whenever I notice the blue undertones
of my Ruby woo is causing my off-white dentals to give off a whiter smile.
Don’t get me wrong, make-up is amazing; it’s like beautiful music that you can
wear and can change your mood in a quick dab of rouge on your hitherto
non-existent cheekbones.


The no BS feminist angel on my
shoulder needs to learn a few things though. I may need to know the difference between CC creams and BB creams but mastering the art of
fierce liquid liner is as important as knowing that an orange-based concealer
is more suitable for my chocolate undertones. Or that hydraluronan a.k.a
hydraluronic acid locks more moisture onto my skin due its ability to imbibe
more water when it’s bound to proteins on our skin enhancing its elasticity and
tissue repair on our bodies, due to it being naturally present in our bodies.

My reluctance to delve into the
world of beauty is akin to the Anne Hathaway’s Andrea in the Devil Wears Prada.
I may refuse to buy an eyelash curler yet
but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t give you the ability to curl those lashes and
better apply that mascara to boost your wide-eyed look. The fashion and beauty
industry is an all absorbing petulant partner, forget to check on it daily and
you would have missed a few product launches, collections and OMG
collaborations. But to ignore it in entirety is akin to not believing you
breathe in air. The influences are all encompassing, from your current hairdo
to the pumps on your feets.

Appearances get you in the door
or leave you out in the cold, so putting on a red lip on a cold day to resurge
my courage shouldn’t let me feel less of a feminist or a nerd. Hopefully, I
won’t get loose powder all over my Clinical Physiology textbook because beauty
and brains is no longer a rarity in our world. I may as well step in and join
the club.

Now to find a new push eyeliner,
there’s no harm in looking pretty, smartass!

Until later,




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