Cool Reads

It’s autumn.

Cue the couch potato, hot cup of chocolate , a soft throw over your feet whilst wearing that over-sized jumper, with Classic FM on in the corner.

Yes, I am that girl, unkempt hair with a good read as happy as a clam at high tide. Though I have been put on a book spending ban until next month, the books above are definitely on my to-get list

1. The Coiffure Project: This is a book you definitely not judge by its cover. This was images in this book was the last straw in hair porn that made me chop off my limp locks and start my healthy hair journey. I’m getting this!

2.Better than Good Hair: Curly Nikki has been there, done that and written a book about everything a girl will need to know about healthy natural afro hair. The End

3.Words from a wanderer: This may be the book that will revive my poetic bones. Don’t care, Alex is one of the coolest people I have met (in my head)

4.Places and Spaces I’ve been: Pharrell; Creative genius, producer and entrepreneur, is giving a tour of his cool digs and hangouts? Sign me up!

5.A Beautiful Mess: Emma and Elsie have one of the most amazing blogs I’ve seen and they give us a guide in the awesome photographic creativity. Thanks guys

6. Do Cool Sh*t: I am sold on the book title. That’s all

All these books can be found on Amazon. Are there any books you are coveting? Let me know so I collect those too.


Until later,


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