Use Both Hands

I am halfway through my lunch and this idea came to me. It may already be out there but I wanted to use my own words. I reach over and start typing and my sleeve is now smothered in sauce, whilst I chew on a piece of chicken and try not to infect anything else with delicious pepper sauce.

I am talking to myself really, you know. Use both hands is something I should repeat when I think I can do 10 things at once. Women can multitask (and some men too) but is the end product good enough or a struggle between your brain, your hands and passion. It’s like stirring several sauces with the same spoon. They end up having remnants of each other in them.


You may get things done but never to perfection. So put that
phone down, take a step back and use all your faculties on one task at a time.
It will shock you how easier and faster you end up finishing your task.

Now I finally savour that sauce.

Until later,




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