Are you…IMATS Ready?

IMATS is the international
make-up artistry and trade show held every year in six cities;  Los Angeles, London, Vancouver, Sydney, New
York and Toronto. Usually, London’s show is held in February but I believe the
IMATS organisers realised that the weather is too miserable and nobody wants to
be trudge up to Alexandra Palace at 08.30 in the morning to join a queue to
check out the latest make-up on offer. They have kindly move it to June 22-23rd
 (oh yes it’s summertime) and the
location’s changed to Olympia National Hall in West London which could mean,
more make-up ranges on display and more deals!


I have never been to IMATS and I
have only heard of the great deals for make-up such as Illamasqua and Nars, as
well as great sales on brushes. Unfortunately, I have also experienced
first-hand, what impulse buying and not getting the right shade for your skin
tone with regards to foundation and concealer and having it just sit on a
shelf, so here are a few tips I have listed to get ready for IMATS this summer.

Get your tickets early:  Tickets at the door cost £50 for a day and
£75 for the two day event. Unless, you receive a free press pass, please buy
your tickets early. Buying your tickets before May is £40 and costs £35 for
students. Prices go up a further £5 each after May and they could sell out too

Get matched beforehand: There’s
nothing as devastating as picking up a luxury product at a discount and not
being able to use it. With more than 2 months to go till IMATS, pop into a
department store and find out what the perfect shade is for you or if that
particular product is suitable for your skin type i.e. oily, combination or dry

Swatch hunt: Gossmakeupartist,
and colouredbeautiful   are my
favourite Youtubers when it comes to hauls and swatches. They tell it as it is
and have good swatches and reviews. Better be educated than waste your money on
a chalky eyeshadow

Spring clean: Shop your stash and
remove all the ‘dead’ makeup you’ve had since forever. You don’t want to miss
the opportunity of replacing products when you will be attending the biggest
makeup show in the UK

Get up early and get your money:
The queues to get into IMATS are legendary and unless you have already scouted
out the location and found your ATM points, get your cash ready as payment by
cards are not available at beauty stands(at least that’s what I have heard). If
you do this, you will be savvy with your shopping and not go over budget.

Have fun: There are great makeup
classes and the opportunity to see how makeup is used in the industry aside
knowing how to get a perfect red lip. If you have sorted the basics as discussed
above, you can relax, take a proper look around and socialise.

Hope to see you there! If you do
see me, holla …I can be shy;)


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