Woman of the Year

Shirley Frimpong Manso

This woman is… She is the reason why despite all the whoopla
of difficulties discussed and reiterated by my friends who live in Ghana, I so
badly want to move back. Like tomorrow

My hubby can’t believe it, because I love the ordered chaos
of London and the ease of getting the basics; running water, constant power and
cleaner streets, no dust, I could go on about why Ghana is nowhere near the
‘easy’ life of England but Shirley portrays in all her work why my friends
still haven’t moved anywhere, I guess.

The quality of her movies shows that Ghana is still capable
of great theatre, post the decade of dry movie and theatre industry. Thank you
too, Uncle Ebo White! From Scorned, to Perfect Picture to Check Mate and Six
Hours till Christmas , there hasn’t been a time I had been excited to see
Ghanaian movies  since the time of David
Dontoh, Kwame Sefa Kai and Akorfor Edjeane 


Her current movie series 
Adam’s Apples upped the ante with great costume, drama that is always on
point and reminds me of well…some people I know, lol and she portrayed living
in Ghana as the beautiful social, peaceful and loving society I didn’t want to
leave when I was moving to England. I do pray that she keeps on creating beautiful
movies and inspire a frustrated generation to arise and also perfect and
passionately be the best in their fields, no matter what.

Please vote her a million times as Vlisco woman of the year, this
decade and for the entire generation she has inspired with her hard work

8th March 2013 is the International Woman’s Day. Vlisco’s theme is ‘Be your dream’ and they are crowning one woman in Ghana and other african countries on the 6th of April. Text S to 1751(in Ghana) on all networks to vote for Shirley or online at http://beyourdream.vlisco.com.

Who are you celebrating this year? Obviously me!

Until later,

Lots of love,



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