Tune! Somewhere Only I Know

When I was younger and felt I had been abandoned by my
mum (she had taken me to go live my nan in a village in Ghana), I thought I had just me,
myself and I, despite all the love and care I received.

 Most days when my
being is silent and I reflect on how far I have come, this song reminds me of
how I began to speak to myself in the third person. Like a separate being, the
other Vesta was a guardian angel, who comforted and chastised and loved me like
no other being.

I could never hurt me and Vesta and ‘we’ knew we couldn’t
trust anyone and so long as we had each other, we were going to be fine.

I barely talk to Vesta as a third person now. Someone peeled
away all those layers and holds me close now and forever.

This song take me back to somewhere I felt safe with me and
wandered through life confident and driven to find where I belonged.

Until later,

Lots of love,



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