You are who you say you are.

The eagle never doubted its
ability to soar and hunt with agility and precision, that is all it knew. If it
lived on a farm house, you will be dismayed at why so much potential is wasting
away, rubbing its powerful beak in the dirt after a drink. It doesn’t know it
can spread its wing and be mighty

Ever met a rich kid who rolls
with other wealthy people, with the mind of a beggar? We think they are
privileged but no doubt was placed in her mind to make her not believe her
ability to go to the best and get it for herself.

Henry Ford-Source

Momma told you money doesn’t come
easily and you have to make ends meet pay check to pay check and your life will
be perfect or good enough if you get to work as a sale assistant. You accepted
it and stayed with it and worked towards that. 
Good for you. Believe that.

But you know how brilliant you
were as a child and no one could stop you. When you had no fear and you got back
up whenever you fell and brushed it off and kept going. People said, aww, don’t
cry so every other time, you realised, oh, I have to cry now. You didn’t know
until people made you believe it. You didn’t know you had to be afraid, until
someone sowed that seed in your mind. Why are you afraid of spiders? You could
squash it with your feet or climb you bed and hope it doesn’t come towards you.
You would climb everything, touch everything, run anywhere. Who told you to
stop. Everyone has had harsh times, why are you still reliving yours.


You are who you say you are. You
are beautiful. You are afraid. You are not good enough. You are happy all the
time. You are laughing so hard, that you can’t see that that was supposed to
hurt you. You find what you are looking for. A few people are always talking
about hate and racism and gender inequality. You are not a tree, move. Walk
away. Apologise for the obvious ignorance of the source of your discomfort.
Smile and laugh at the awesome and incredible ability you have to recognise
that you don’t have to dwell on that. Take and deep a breath and remember a
kiss, a hug or a morsel of good food as it touches your tongue. There are too
much good for you to enjoy than waste a second on what you know won’t make you
better or happy.

You are sexy, you are so damn
fine, it hurts your mirror! Smart, you said?, honey, tell me more! I don’t
know what you know. You are amazing. You are loved, by you. By him and her.

You are alive. You are who you
say you are. Believe that!


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